Time and Your God-given Assignments

traditional_alarm_clock1-236x300I am ever aware of time and its fleeting movement. Ticktock. Perhaps it especially echoes loud in my soul as I was so graciously given a second chance at more time at life on earth when I was young … it was a moment when circumstances would have decreed a departure from this life, one that would have been out of time. Papa, however, had other plans. He had a plan for me, just as He has for you — one that is connected to an appointed time.

Time itself has an assignment. Time moves in both the regular rhythm of everyday life, as well as with special windows of opportunity. Our purpose and destiny are linked to both. It’s easy to recognize the routine of time, but Father also wants us to pay keen attention to the windows, the seasons, or opportune moments when He is moving in a special way. He calls us to move with Him. Currently we are in a spiritual season of opportunity. We call it a move of God.

When God set the sun, moon and stars in place, He assigned them to watch over days, nights, and seasons. Their assignment is linked to both natural and divine purposes in the Earth.  Purposes have a time schedule. As God works everything together for good, He calls us to partner with Him in stewarding well not just the day-to-day time given us, but the seasons of opportunity in which He is moving in a special way,

Right now, God is moving globally in a fresh way  —  one similar to the Reformation or the Great Awakenings. It is not a centralized outbreak but a global movement as nations and cultures shift and much of the church awakens to her purpose to reconcile earth with the Kingdom of heaven. We have a work to do and time is of essence in our assignment. We are preparing for Christ’s return — not as children looking to escape life’s difficulties, but as sons and daughters preparing the way for the King through diligence in our assignments. We must occupy our thoughts and gifts with the Father’s business until the Son returns.

3 ways to steward this time of divine opportunity:

  1. Get focused — curb distractions. Press in for fresh understanding and wisdom of what God is doing now as you pursue intimate fellowship with Him. Ask Him what is your part? You DO have a part in what Father is doing. Papa is calling every one of us to take our position with Him and with a fresh anointing for this hour.
  2. Hang around with those who are listening to what God is saying and doing. We need one another — we don’t develop alone but in community. We need the right community. Ask Father to align you with believers who are pursuing the presence of God — those who long for both personal encounter and cultural transformation through His love, truth, and radiance. Let iron sharpen iron as you receive encouragement and give your “supply of the Spirit” in those God-given relationships.
  3. Be intentional with what God is saying to you. Write down what He speaks to you. Search it out in the Word. Sing it. Pray it. Meditate on it. Make declarations and decrees with it until you start living and breathing what He is saying to you, letting that Word be life and bread that brings about change in how you see and engage with God, others, yourself, and your assignment. Remember too, words have an assignment that are also linked with time.

Godspeed as you partner with Jesus for Father’s timely work in your life and on earth as it is in heaven.

I am Abba’s daughter

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Keys to Change: Creating New Norms

changed life picLife is full of change. Some change comes easily, some doesn’t. The beauty of change is that it has the power to create a new norm. The bad thing about change is that it has the power to create a new norm. The difference lies in what change has occurred.

Over the past ten years I have fallen into not-the-best eating habits. This, unfortunately, created an undesired new norm for me. I found myself ignoring the clothes hanging on my side of the closet and consistently reaching for my husband’s t-shirts, because they were more comfortable. It was when I hit a full pregnancy weight – and I wasn’t pregnant –  that I realized something needed to change … I needed to change. I had been repeating the above quote for at least 4 years and change hadn’t come. Now it was time to truly decide to do something about it!

So, I did something I thought I’d never do…I joined a diet program. Augh! I hate diets. I hate the diet I am on. Really. I do. I miss Friday night pizza and drinking hot chocolate at bed time, but I love the change I am experiencing. It has not come without a price, however. It has taken intentional choices and a plan with accountability. I am recovering not only a better look and feel in my clothes, but a sense of control over what and when I eat rather than feeling subservient to my passion for food.

As the scale in my bathroom continued its upward ascent, I often felt desperate for change. But as change never came I realized I needed to be more than desperate … I needed to decide to change. It is the same for many other areas of life, too, where change is desired – whether for changing a habit, an attitude, or how we interact in a relationship. God gave us an incredible power tool when He gave us the power of decision – which means we have a choice.

5 Keys to Creating a New Norm

  1. Decide – make an absolute resolve for what you want to see change in your life. Don’t let a habit, attitude or person control you. You decide your destiny! Stop fooling yourself with the idea that change will happen magically, tomorrow, without taking specific action steps to effect change.
  2. Make a plan – there is an old saying that where we fail to make a plan, we plan to fail. Plans are like a blueprint with a clear goal to help give you the needed structure and pathway to take you from where you are to where you want to be.
  3. Find a strong accountability partner – this may be a life coach, dietician, support group, or prayer partner, etc. I deeply appreciate camaraderie with my friends and the love of my husband, but I knew for my new norm to be realized I needed someone who would be strong and wise in my desired area of change – one who could help keep me going on the Transformation Trail.
  4. Imagine – when you are tempted to cheat or stray from your goal, imagine again what your life will look like when you fully achieve it. Keep the vision of the change you desire before you. Habakkuk 2:2 says to write the vision and make it clear so that the one who reads it will run! To “read it” means to recite it out loud! Proclaim it! Declare it! Call out to God regarding it to help you! Let decision move you into unwavering intentionality through imagining how great it will be.
  5. Don’t quit – don’t stop until you have achieved your goal! And don’t compare yourself to others. Other people on my same diet plan are losing 3 pounds a week or more while I have been battling for every ounce I drop. Understand that some changes come quick, while other changes may be an inch-by-inch battle, but the new norm will be totally worth your effort – the end will speak for itself.

Keep the fire of your decision burning brightly. Remember, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Phil. 4:12-13). He cares deeply about what concerns you! In fact, I love how The Passion Translation puts this verse: “I’m trained in the secret of overcoming all things, whether in fullness or in hunger. And I find that the strength of Christ’s explosive power infuses me to conquer every difficulty.”

Whatever change or new norm you may be desiring in your life, I pray that as you press fully forward into all the good things Father has for you, you will experience the exceeding greatness of His power towards you. He is with you and for you because He loves you, and He desires you to prosper in every way.

I am my Father’s daughter


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Discover Your Hidden Potential!

unfinished roomI had an inspiring dream the other night. I dreamed that my husband and I were in a house – I sensed it was one that we had been living in for many years.  I walked through the home to a set of backstairs that led to an attic. I went up the stairs and when I reached the top I discovered a huge, entire floor of unfinished rooms!

The rooms had all been wired electrically and some even had plumbing but none had fixtures or even sheetrock. I was thrilled as I looked around thinking of all we could do with this extra space. Why had I not known this was all here before? I thought about paint color for each room, flooring, furniture and how we might want to decorate each one. Then I woke up.

My first thought was Wow! That was awesome! As I lay there for a moment thinking about what the dream meant, I felt the Lord say, “My people have many rooms of undeveloped potential inside of them. It’s time for them to dream, discover, and develop the hidden potential I’ve put inside them. It’s time to bring those purposes to life! I’ve already given them the basics, the rooms just need to be finished.

I believe this word is true for probably most of us. We are living in the greatest generation ever in the realms of both divine inspiration and advancing technology now available to bring the unseen abilities within us to fuller realization. And what’s more, Father wants our God-given potential to prosper!

5 keys to discovering and developing your potential:

  1. Dare to dream again. Some have dreamed and been deeply disappointed by setbacks, delays, failures or even betrayals. Hope deferred can shut down your ability to even want to imagine new beginnings or forward momentum. But God! Put on some quiet music and give yourself permission to sit and dream of what new things you’d like to accomplish. Or perhaps you are to remember a desire that was never fully realized in another season. This might just be the right season for it!
  2. Go up to Father in prayer. My dream began with me going upstairs where the “more” potential was discovered. Ask God to show you the gifts and abilities He has given you that when developed will be a delight to you and a blessing to others…perhaps even a great financial prosperity. He is the Creator, so who would know better than He what is in your “attic”?
  3. Make a plan with what you “see” in your mind’s eye. What are the resources or information you need in order to put your plan into action (color on the walls, furniture in the room) and to make your discovered potential flourish? Make a list.
  4. Join with others who are doing like-minded, potential-developing activities. Being part of a community will help keep you on track, accountable with your goals, and encouraged to move forward.
  5. Believe God for the more that He has for you! We are currently in the Hebrew month of Nissan, one noted for the miracle of ancient Israel moving out of Egyptian bondage and into new freedom (Passover). Just as with Israel, Father has a purpose for you with miracle working ability to help move you forward in developing all of who He created you to be. He leaves nothing unfinished!

I pray that God shows you every hidden potential within you just waiting to be developed for divine purposes on earth. You were meant for greatness…after all, you have a Great Father and His life runs through your veins.


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Live Bold – Walk on Water

man walking on waterSo I’ve never walked on water, per se´ but I have experienced the sustaining power of God’s words when I thought I would sink.

There is something powerful about His voice, especially in times of uncertainty, a change in life direction, or simply taking new action for moving forward in a new way. I’ve found His words to be like solid ground when fear would freeze my steps or sink my hopes.

I feel a fresh encouragement from the Father that His children are to move forward in this season in a new way, especially regarding dreams and desires He has given them. It will no doubt look different for each one because we are all so wonderfully unique. For me it has meant stepping out in new ways with what He has called me to do and connect with others in new ways. Be bold. Get out of familiar comfort zones.

What is amazing is that as I am moving on what He is saying, I am experiencing a fresh courage to do things that I have held back in doing for years. He spoke, and I can no longer be as I was before in certain areas. While life is an ever changing growth process with some actions simply being easier or more appropriate in one season than another, there are times when we are held back from forward movement, whether by a circumstance or ourselves.  In this season, however, it’s time to be bold and walk on the water of His words to us.

I pray that as you hear Father speaking to you, that you too will experience new courage to move boldly and confidently, letting His voice sustain you with His direction and guidance. May the water of His words be the substance on which you walk.




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Trusting God and New Beginnings

angels, earth, clockpsdHere we are at the beginning of a new year – one that in both the Hebrew and Roman calendar speaks numerically (the number 8) of “new beginnings”. New beginnings can be exciting and rich with fresh and hopeful expectations of good coming our way or they can be laden with fear of the unknown that may lay ahead. In any case, Father is calling us to trust Him as we cross the threshold of a new beginning, moving past the familiar to step into something new.

To trust anyone is a very personal matter. It requires having confidence in their ability to follow through with what they tell us. The Hebrew understanding of trust in God goes even deeper being rooted in a covenant bond with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who never lies and who promises to never leave or forsake us. He promises to us His Presence with full provision for all we need.

The Hebrew word for trust (“batach”) means to be secure and confident, to feel safe. It carries the concept of going into an inner room of a covenant household. Nothing can harm you there because you are safely surrounded in a home pledged to provide and care for you as a cherished family member. God has pledged to care for you as His beloved child.

Trusting God isn’t always easy in a world where we aren’t always cherished and often lied to. But God is not a man who lies and He cherishes us…He values you and me. Deeply.

3 Keys to Trusting God This New Year

  1. Don’t depend on your own (limited) insight. Ask Father to give you His perspective in the matters that concern you. Proverbs 3:5-6 says to trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your steps. Wait on Him to give you a fresh word for your journey.
  2. Ask Holy Spirit for new strategies for doing new things or for doing current things in new ways. He might even have you dust off something that’s been sitting on a shelf and refurbish it with new purpose. He is the spirit of wisdom and revelation and He has fresh insight and strategy that you need for this new year.
  3. Make time to be in God’s Word. This is one of the best places for shifting our thoughts into a higher realm of vision and understanding. I have discovered it to be a special place of encounter with God to hear His heart and grasp His guidance. His Word is light and light heals both heart and mind, liberating us from dark places in our soul, so that we can freely move forward  in the beautiful way Father intends.

As we step into this new year that Father’s own calendar calls “a new beginning,” I personally am taking time to reset, refocus, and lean into His thoughts for new insights. I have great expectation that it will be a year rich with encounters with God as heaven breaks through on earth with increased activity this year. I pray that we go together with confidence into the inner room of greater intimacy with God for fresh insight into the matters of life that concern us and His beautiful purposes with us. I believe that as we commit our ways to Him, He will work all things together for good even when we don’t understand. It’s His promise and He never lies.

I am my Father’s daughter

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Living With Hope, Not Fear

choose-hope-anything-possible-christoper-reeve-quotes-sayings-picturesI recently heard someone say that we should live with hope and not fear. I immediately thought of a situation I knew was causing me anxiety. Their words reminded me of something I often share with others but needed reminding of myself – that our thoughts are an agreement with a certain perspective. Now, for my own well-being, I knew I needed to change my perspective. I needed to think hope instead of thinking fear.

Hope is like a portal that inspires the heart and opens the mind to new and positive possibilities. Fear is like a closed door that isolates us in a room of negative imaginations and dreadful bridges that we may never cross…and rarely do.

This is a season to remember that with God all things are possible and that He sent His Son not only that we might have eternal life, but a life with hope instead of fear, here and now.

Today, I encourage you to live with hope and not fear. Look up and let your heart and thoughts join with God’s possibilities for what concerns you.

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The Power of Connection

hands-making-equipment_1150-99Both life and research tell us that we prosper best in life through healthy connections and relationships. There is power in connection that not only strengthens us personally, but also the one whose hand we are touching.

As seasons in our lives change, so do our relationships. Some become more distant (for various reasons), while others become more strengthened. And, too,  new ones enter the scene. Lately,  I have felt challenged to make a fresh commitment to the relationships God has given me, to strengthen with intentional action what needs strengthening. This includes, friends and family, church, work, and even my community.

It’s easy to be busy and focused on certain tasks, which can cause us to lose a meaningful touch on the hand that Father intends us to hold; a touch that is meant to be a purpose-filled, two-way power surge.  Strong relationships are key to the victories and prosperity God has for us all — both personally and for those to whom we are connected.

Today I am choosing to strengthen my commitment in my relationship with God and others, to give intentional action to strong connection. If you are inspired to do the same, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Make a list of relationships that you know God has put in your life at this time. If there is a distancing between you, ask Holy Spirit to show you what that is and to give you wise direction. Sometimes, we just get busy and we need to reconnect. Sometimes there is a misunderstanding, or a forgiveness issue to be addressed.
  2. Pray for them; seek God’s heart and purpose for them and for yourself in relationship to them at this time. Ask Holy Spirit if and how He may want you to increase your level of commitment to that person or group and what that looks like.
  3. Text, email, or call that person — let them know you are thinking of them. Set up a time to get together if possible.
  4. Most of all, see if there is any place where you feel disconnected from God and ask Him to show you what is the root of it is; ask God to help you renew your faith, trust, and intimacy with Him.

Father is committed in His relationship with us. Likewise, He calls us to be committed in our connection with Him and those around us. There is power in connection and we are called to a life of power that surges with His love and goodness both in us and through us.

Who do you need to connect with today?

Strengthen the weak hands and make strong the feeble knees…strengthen that which remains.

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Being a Nation Within a Nation

matryoshka-doll-method-work-for-you-imageI grew up in a time when the U.S. was widely considered as a Christian nation. The majority shared similar values in raising families and building a free and self-sustaining life based on Christian principles. The Bible and prayer were a common part of public education and we could, at least somewhat, trust our elected officials to work in an ethical way on our behalf, make good and moral judgments, and effect justice. It was easy to live a Christian life on cruise.

It is a different story today.

While many debate the current identity of America as being a Christian nation or not, I believe the greater concern begins with the identity of Christ’s body within this nation.

Like ancient Israel, we have come to a time when, as the prophet Isaiah said, “Our courts tidal-waveoppose the righteous, justice is nowhere to be found, truth has fallen in the streets, and honesty has been outlawed. Truth is nowhere to be found and whoever shuns evil is become a prey.” (Isa. 59:14-15) Thankfully, Isaiah also said that when the enemy comes at us like a flood, the Lord will raise up a standard against him. Whether lawlessness likes it or not, the Creator is, indeed, the true Ruler of Nations. Darkness finds its boundaries when the light shines.

There are those, however, who believe that evil rulers, such as the Illuminati, apparently have carte blanche in running the world so it doesn’t matter what we do, if we pray, or how we vote. While Satan wages war to direct events his way and uses people to do his bidding, he is a lesser being and even his most influential pawns don’t run the world. God does. The King of Kings has not abdicated His throne. And Father says that when His people pray, He will answer and will raise Himself up as a Mighty One against the onslaught.

As God’s family we must see ourselves in a new light. We DO make a difference. We are the salt that preserves the earth as long as our savor is active. God calls His people a nation of priests — we are a nation within whatever nation we call home. We are here as ministers of reconciliation. That means we work with Father through prayer and action to bring culture out of darkness and into the beautiful light and His glorious designs for mankind.

Just like the matryoshka dolls (the set of smaller dolls within a larger doll) so are God’s people a smaller but powerfully significant part within a larger people group. Satan opposes God’s people because he knows that nations rise and fall not on what the illuminati decides but on the prayers and actions of God’s people.

saying-yesIn the Hebrew language, the word “priest” (Kohen) means “to reveal the heart of yes to God and His ways.” We may be seeing a lot of “yes” to darkness and corruption driving this nation, but there is also a movement happening – an awakening of revival to a new day of a bold “Yes!” to God and His ways among His people.

As a nation of priests within this nation, God is looking for our “yes” in caring for America with Him. Let us lift the standard of holy love as we pray boldly, live boldly…and, yes, vote boldly with the mind of Christ in the upcoming elections.


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You are Accepted by God

Acceptance billboardThe longing to be accepted and loved is innate in every human being. And no wonder, we were fashioned by the Holy Trinity who exist in perfect love and acceptance.

The sense of being loved and accepted creates a joy and energy within the human heart that is needed for wellbeing and momentum in life. Broken relationship with God, others, self-rejection, the betrayal by friends, and negative interaction with family or leaders, easily creates a dark inner environment that shadows our sense of being loved and accepted. These tear the very fiber of our soul from living radiantly and joyfully in the intimate knowledge of being a cherished human being. And so the soul looks for various means to satisfy this deep longing, often in unhealthy places.

God wants each one of us to experience the wellbeing of His intimate and unending love and acceptance of us for a life that flourishes with health. Ephesians 1:6 says that it is His magnificent delight to honor us with His favor and blessings in the Beloved. “He lovingly invites us to come to Him always, no matter what our past has been…no matter the current mistakes we make. In the Beloved we are fully accepted and received with love.”*

Abba Father has provided the means for us in Christ to move forward with life, energy, and wellbeing in our soul. Jesus fills, renews, and restores every broken place within us with His perfect love and acceptance. He energizes our spirit and soul for the life we are meant to live. People may fail (including us) but He does not. His face is turned towards us in love…it is turned toward you.

Three keys to living a life energized by love and acceptance:

  1. Receive Jesus’ loving thoughts about you while refusing another’s faulty words or behavior towards you — do not internalize others’ behavior as the truth by which you think and live
  2. Practice loving others — let Jesus’ love flow through you to others; it is the power that overcomes fear and covers over a multitude of sins with forgiveness
  3. Practice accepting others — accepting others in spite of differences releases a life flow of heavenly energy

Take time today to identify any thought pattern that makes you feel unaccepted. Bring it to the Father who will show you His truth. Let Him root your heart deeply in His love and wrap you warmly in the embrace of His accepting arms. Then go and share His love and acceptance with someone else.

*excerpt from The Believer’s Identity Devotional Handbook by J. Nicole Williamson

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New Book: The Believer’s Identity


Believers id handbook Small Master front cvrJesus was the master of identity clarity. With a heart anchored in His Father’s love and a mind grounded in Abba’s affirmation, the living reality of that relationship with His Father defined both His identity and everything He did. It energized how He showed up in life on Earth.

And no wonder, His Father set the tone of identity clarity all through His Word as Jehovah-jireh, El Shaddai, El Olam, Jehovah-shalom, and thousands of other names used to describe how He shows us for His people, including how He shows up against His enemies as a Man of War!

Jesus lived out of a clear identity. He showed up every Believer's ID Marketing Picmorning as the Love of God that warmed men’s hearts with holy fire. He showed up on the hillsides as the light of truth that led lost souls out of darkness and into the brightness of hope. He showed up in the midst of people’s circumstances as the Living Bread that satisfied their heart’s desires. He showed up in town square’s as the Healer, and on city streets as the powerful Deliverer. He was the Glory of the Father, the Wisdom of the Ages and the Lamb of God who showed up as Heaven’s answer to broken mankind.

So too, Abba wants us to know who we are as His children. Our identity in Christ should be clear and the very foundation of our work and purpose. God’s Word is full of ways in how He describes not only Himself, but how He describes us — His children, sons, daughters, Christ’s bride, Yeshua’s body, the salt of the earth, and the light. Some think of being a Christian as simply believing that Jesus exists and is who He says He is, but miss what that means for them, too, as His body. It is time to know the truth about Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit…and us!

In my new book The Believers Identity Devotional Handbook: 120 “I am” Statements of a Christian, is a dynamic list of who we are as Christians. A few of the statements include:

  • I am Accepted
  • I am Accompanied by Angels
  • I am Called of God
  • I am Deeply Loved
  • I am a Kingdom Ambassador
  • I am a Mountain Climber
  • I am Marked with Divine Purpose
  • I am a Lover of Truth
  • I am a Relationship Builder
  •  more….

It is time to unveil the dynamic answer to the age old question of “who am I?” The answer is clear – I am marvelously loved, wonderfully made in His image, and called to be a light in this world.

It is time for the sons and daughters of God to show up…

Nations are waiting!


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