>The Freshness of a New Day


At the turn of this year, God spoke to me about it being a new day, and that the way before me was like a snow covered field – everything fresh. Fresh snow means no old foot prints are seen. Not mine. Not someone elses. It’s a picture of a new beginning as the old is covered.

Sometimes as I am trying to move forward into a new day, it’s easy to look at the tracks where I or others have walked – maybe where someone has walked over me, or where I’ve stumbled and fell. But fresh snow covers old prints with a blanket of grace.

As I pondered on this picture I prayed, God, I don’t want to bring my past into my future. I don’t want the past to be the focus of my today. Let grace like snow cover the tracks of yesterday. Let my eyes see only the freshness of today with You.

I then thought about the relationships I am in and the need to let go of old hurts—the need to cover past imprints with love and forgiveness so that their voice no longer speak to me. And in doing so, I can move forward in fresh relationship for the new day.

I’m grateful for Father’s love that covers old tracks and makes grace like snow possible for a bright today.

Abba Father loves you.

J Nicole


About J Nicole

Life is a gift from God and is meant to be celebrated with joy, explored through truth, and nurtured in grace. I mean to do all of these. I am also dedicated to help others do the same.
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3 Responses to >The Freshness of a New Day

  1. Sandra Kent says:

    >I love the metaphor of fresh snow representing a new beginning. Jesus gives us a new beginning every day as we walk with Him.

  2. tammy says:

    >I love this post, Nicole. I love our Father's grace… I need His grace. Let it snow!!! 🙂

  3. Cheryl says:

    >Tammy shared this with me last night, because we had a snow day in Virginia. Yesterday, however, was a snow day with no snow. Still, this post resonates within. I'll be pondering as I look out over the snowless front yard with patches of grass, living and dead, and fallen leaves.

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