The Gift of Choice

I woke up this morning with a powerful thought: today is a gift – a canvas of time on which I can paint whatever I want. Today is a gift and choices are the colors I use to create the color of my life.

I can paint my time with positive thoughts or with the dull gray of a gloomy mood. The choice is mine. I can splash it with the color of cultivating friendships or with the dark hues of isolation, of thinking altruistically or being introspective and myopic, or somewhere in-between. I get to choose. I can draw on this canvas a day of productive work or wastefulness, of creativeness or carelessness, of helping others or being envious and greedy… the possibilities are limitless.

Everyday is a gift from God, a canvas of time. What do you want to paint today?

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About J Nicole

Life is a gift from God and is meant to be celebrated with joy, explored through truth, and nurtured in grace. I mean to do all of these. I am also dedicated to help others do the same.
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